Thursday, January 26, 2012

Disappointment Awaits

It's been over a year, and hopefully the standard of moronic writing has improved. I sincerely hope that I am going to find interesting, informative and witty anecdotes and blogs.

I have a feeling I am going to be severely disappointed....


  1. I don't understand why you do this blog. Not all blogging is bullshit drudge. Isn't there something in the universe that interests you?

  2. Some people do not have a sense of humour by the looks of it.

    Nice to see you here again. And I lay down the guantlet!

    Do not desert me again

  3. I thought you died. I actually sort of hope you did.... beware, for Hyperboleandahalf fans such as myself still want your blood.

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  5. Dude. Seriously. Why would you even do this? Is it just to make people feel bad? Not everyone will be all that upset about their blogs. Unless you used a bunch of ad hominem attacks i would not feel bad if you hated on my blog! But seriously. you are just being a jerk.

    1. on that note can you review my blog?

    2. please? i will feed you pie!

  6. Aren't blogs an expression of personal thoughts?
    I don't really keep one (AT ALL, because I genuinely do suck), but what gives you the right to judge the thoughts and lives of others? I understand that through this blog, you express your thoughts, and you have every right to do so...but why do you go out of your way to make others feel down about themselves when all they are doing is writing on the Internet? Sure, it may not be to your (or anyone elses) taste, but if they like it, then let them do what makes them happy! Nobody has to read it!

    Also, Hyperbole and a Half has a book deal which is supposed to be released later this year. I would assume that means people think she is a good read.

    Oh, and I thought I should mention my least favourite form of blogger, as you seem to intent on dictating your thoughts of what encompasses one to the world; people who try to imitate certain characters from Arthur Conan Doyle novellas, but have clearly never read any of said stories, or have at least not absorbed any of the content.

    Thank you, and good night.

  7. Take off the hat and remove the pipe from your heinous lips. Being an ass does not make you the world's most famous detective. That almost infuriates me more than taking down people that don't deserve it.

  8. So I'm just curious... What makes YOU think YOU are actually any good at blogging? I assume your lack of a "book deal" should be an indicator... I mean, I did give an honest stab at reading some of your site, but your self-absorbed pretentiousness just made you come off as a doucher who thinks a whole lot more of himself than anyone else does. The word "narcissist" comes to mind, but I've a hard time believing anyone with your "talent" is really ignorant enough to believe you have anything to be narcissistic about...

    You do realize that you're an untalented writer... Who focuses your own untalented writing around telling other more talented writers how untalented they are, right? Is the irony lost on you, or is the irony the point?

    A bit more irony seems to be that the only people bothering to come to your blog are fans of the actually talented writers that you insult. You don't seem capable of garnering any traffic on your own merit.

    'Course, perhaps lately you are actually realizing your own lack of qualifications, as you've posted, what, two meaningless posts in three years?

    Stay classy, Crappy.

  9. Honestly, I feel sorry for you. I mean it, I'm not trying to be an dick or anything. You're so much of a fucking asshole... but I guess something must have caused that. We don't need any more hate in the world. Get off 4chan, shave your neckbeard, get out of your parnet's basement and change yourself. Most of the elderly, when asked, say they wish that they had loved more in their life. You've still got time. Go for it, fucker.

  10. Are you still alive? You used to do such great justice to our wretched world... but now the crap blogs have taken over. Come back! Save us all!